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What a wonderful little cottage! More spacious and adorable than the pictures show. We never met our hosts, but we felt welcomed and...



The capital city offers a vast stay with spacious rooms and lots of places to visit and work from. We never met our hosts, but we felt welcomed and...



Beautiful scenic views of the Indian ocean just a walk away from the place.I loved the culture and breeze of relax from the place...



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Accommodations at Qwetu Student Residence

Single Rooms PARKLANDS

Clean Hostel, right at the heart of the city

Ksh 16,000/month

467 Superhost

Ensuite Studios JOGOO RD

Located 10 min from Nairobi CBD

Ksh 20,000/month

1392 Superhost

Bedsitters RUARAKA

Located off Thika road near Campus

Ksh 10,000/month

552 Superhost

Ensuite Wilson View

Located 5 min from strathmore hotel

Ksh 25,000/month


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